New ‘Yolk And Shell’ Battery Technology Could Charge Your Phone In SIX Minutes

In future, smartphone batteries could charge handsets in just 6 minutes, keeping them powered for three days at a time.

Developed at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an innovative new ‘yolk and shell’ system can hold three times as much power as the lithium ion batteries currently found in smartphones.

The electrodes in current batteries expand and shrink during each charging cycle, leading to a drop in battery performance over time.

The new system uses electrodes formed of aluminium nanoparticles, giving them a solid titanium dioxide ‘shell’ and a ‘yolk’ inside that can repeatedly expand and contract without damaging the shell.

A representation of the new ‘yolk and shell’ nanoparticle tech (Christine Daniloff/MIT)

Not only does this mean that batteries using the new technology should last longer than their conventional counterparts, but they can also fit a much larger power capacity into the same physical battery size.

“These yolk-shell particles show very impressive performance in lab-scale testing,” says David Lou, an associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

“To me, the most attractive point of this work is that the process appears simple and scalable” said Lou.

If the technology can be developed into a product for mass use, then smartphones with three-day battery life could be a reality in the near future.

(Image credit: IB Times, Christine Daniloff/MIT)

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New ‘Yolk And Shell’ Battery Technology Could Charge Your Phone In SIX Minutes